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For any bookings please email your name, a description of what you are looking to get tattooed, and a phone number that I can reach you at if needed. Please read through the General Info section above before booking, as it helps both of us get you booked fast and easy. Any requests that do not follow the guidelines in the booking info and show that you have not read through these will not be answered or will be directed back to the booking details. I cannot tell you my availability or any pricing information without knowing what you would like done, the size, and location on the body. Please be patient with email response time, and only send one message.  

My calendar is closed, so I am currently not taking on any appointments. The calendar will be opening for August 2022-October 2022 in July 2022​

If you'd like to be added to my waitlist and be reached out to for an appointment when I begin booking again, please fill out the form below with your contact info and I will get back to you at the next booking time.




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