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After your tattoo is completed, I will most likely usually use Saniderm as a bandage. The film will keep your tattoo free from harm for up to 3-5 days. You will notice some plasma and blood/liquid under the film during this process, but your skin will reabsorb this and it is normal. If the corners of the saniderm start to peel off, you can cut them off until the bandage is ready to be fully removed. If the entire bandage does happen to come off before the 3-5 day mark either you are welcome to come back in and I can reapply the bandage for you, or you can start normal aftercare, either will be fine. When it's time to take the film off, you should run it under some water or hop in the shower to help taking it off easier. Once the entire film is removed (gently!), give the tattoo and surrounding area a gentle wash with soap and pat dry with a clean paper towel. You may need to use scent free, dye free lotion on it for a couple days after the film comes off. Apply the lotion as needed in a thin layer, with clean hands! Only apply when the tattoo feels dry or itchy, this may be once or multiple times a day depending on your skin, the time of year, and the tattoo you received. If I cover your tattoo with a regular bandage, this should stay on between an hour and three hours. After removing the bandage, wash your hands and wash the tattoo gently with water and mild, unscented, antibacterial soap (Dr Bronners unscented soap also works well and is my preference)  to get any dried blood and plasma off of the tattoo. After, let it air dry, or pat it dry with clean paper towels, do not use your regular towel on it. Wash the tattoo gently once a day with antibacterial soap and water during the healing time. After a few days when the tattoo starts to scab and peel begin using a basic unscented lotion throughout the day to keep it moisturized. I suggest aveeno, lubriderm, cetaphil, or something like eucerin. Things to absolutely never use are bacitracin, neosporin, a&d ointment or anything medicated. Your body will easily handle the healing, it does not need any outside help. In a couple of days your tattoo will start scabbing and then start to peel. Let the peeling happen naturally, don't pick on it or scratch it. It will be itchy!! Try to not pick or scratch at it. Don't cover your tattoo again after the first initial bandage and keep it clean. It is extremely hard to get a tattoo infected, but not impossible. After leaving the studio it is completely up to you to protect your new tattoo while its healing. Keep it away from pets, no tanning or submerging it in water of any kind until it heals in approximately 2 weeks. Showering is still okay though as this is not submerging your tattoo in water, just keep the shower quick and not too hot. If you sleep with your dog or cat in your bed (as I do!), I would recommend keeping your tattoo covered with loose clothing while you sleep to protect it from dander and harm until its healed. In regards to touch ups, things happen, since we are all humans and cannot predict how our bodies will heal. If there is any part of your tattoo that you think needs a little touch up please let me know after the healing is done and I can get you back in for this. Unless you are very negligent during the care of your tattoo, touch ups are very minor and quick, and guaranteed by me within the first 90 days of finishing your tattoo. After that time period (or if more than one hr is needed) a set up fee will apply. If you have any questions after you get your tattoo, please feel free to contact me. There are NO stupid questions, so please reach out before asking google or your friends and family.

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