How to Book an Appointment

Thank you so much for your interest in me being your artist! To start the booking process for your tattoo appointment, please start by reading through all of the information below as it will help both me and you book your appointment easily and much quicker. My booking requests and emails are answered as often as possible, usually about once or twice a week. Before requesting booking with me please read through these sections carefully so we can both be on the same page when discussing your future tattoo ideas. After we set a time and date for the appointment, I will send over an invoice for 100$ nonrefundable retainer, this will go towards your tattoo total cost. The retainer is needed within 3 days of the invoice request, and this is your confirmation. For pricing details; my hourly, 200$ USD, applies to anything over 2 hours. Anything under that time will be charged by the piece and flat-priced, and my minimum is 100$. We can discuss this in our email consultation so you can be prepared for the appointment and there are no surprises. Some designs may be flat priced and not depend on the time, I will let you know if this is the case. If you are looking to do a larger scale project, I will most likely book you more than one session, so please put this into consideration when planning your tattoo time frame. The longest session I will book you for is 4-5 hours, I understand you may be able to sit longer than this, however this is my preferred session sitting time for myself and client. You do not have a confirmed appointment until we have set a time and a date, and the retainer is received. Retainers are invoiced over to your email, please check your spam folder just in case it ends up there! . Please do NOT send over a retainer until I have confirmed with you.

Preparing for your Appointment

So, your appointment is booked and confirmed! Great! Its always best to be prepared for your appointment so we don't have any starting issues or potentially have to reschedule. It is best to come to your appointment alone. Remember to get plenty of sleep the night before hand, be hydrated, and have breakfast/a meal before coming in. It's always a good idea to bring extra water and a snack for yourself for the duration of the appointment.  I cannot tattoo over bruises, abrasions, cuts, rashes, etc on the skin. This is very important! If the area you'd like to have the tattoo on has any of these issues please let me know so we can reschedule. Please remember to bring proper ID, temporary IDs are not accepted. (also it does not matter how old you are/I know you are, it is still required that I take a copy of a form of legal ID). Please make sure your schedule is flexible around the appointment. Although I try to be precise on the timing, (if requested an estimate), setting up, preparing the stencil, placement, etc can all take extra time and this is not a process to be rushed. If you are 15 minutes late or more to your appointment with no call or email about this (things happen sometimes, but a call is always appropriate) you will lose your retainer and possibly your appointment. If you have any questions about how to be properly prepared further please feel free to ask while we correspond.

Consultations, Pricing and Designs

Consultations are done through email, along with information about what you would like to have done I will ask you for reference pictures as well. Please be mindful of my style and subject matter, currently I am looking to only do custom and realistic pieces. I do welcome all ideas, however these are the subject matter that will have priority when accepting inquiries. If I feel the piece would be best suited for another artist in the area, I can absolutely refer you to someone else. If you require any specific accommodations please let me know so I can properly prepare for your appointment to make you as comfortable as possible during the process. My hourly rate is 200$ USD, this includes any preparation during the appointment time (stenciling, drawing on, etc). Any designs I do will be ready for the appointment itself and no time sooner, I do not do in person consultations for drawings, however I do leave extra time in every appointment for last minute changes to the design and for discussion. If our email back and forths reach over 10 emails for original booking, there will be an automatic 50$ charge applied to the appointment for a consultation fee. ***The design will not be shown or sent out ahead of time, NO EXCEPTIONS.

Emails and Wait Time

Emails are answered as quickly as possible, however depending on the amount of inquiries and schedules, the wait time may be up to 3 weeks. I do try to answer everyone as soon as possible. Sending out a request form does not guarantee a response. If you do "resend" an email or "check in" with an additional email, the entire thread is usually then put into my spam folder and I will not see it or it is moved out further and will not be seen for longer, so please be patient on the wait time or reread your initial email to see if you included everything necessary to begin the booking process. Please do not send both a direct email and an appointment request through this website. I do not accept DMs on Instagram, nor will I text or call you about discussing appointments and inquiries. If your retainer is not received 3 days after is it requested, you will not have an appointment. It is important to factor in your time frame for getting tattooed, as emailing back and forth to finalize a design may take a few days to a week (depending on both sides). I usually book out anywhere from a month to six months. Please make sure you are serious about booking and finalizing an appointment before reaching out. IF YOU ARE 15 MINUTES LATE TO YOUR APPOINTMENT WITHOUT A CALL OR MESSAGE STATING SO YOU WILL LOSE YOUR RETAINER AND POSSIBLY YOUR APPOINTMENT.


From April - October I am in the shop Tuesday through Saturday starting at 10AM, the latest appointment available being at 1 pm. From November - March I am in the shop Tuesday through Saturday starting at noon, the last appointment available at 3 pm. Wait time for an appointment is usually a few months, please keep this in mind before reaching out. 

Aftercare and Follow Up

When we are done with the tattoo, i'll cover it with a bandage that should stay on between an hour and three hours. After removing the bandage, wash your hands and wash the tattoo gently with water and mild, unscented, antibacterial soap to get any dries blood off of the tattoo. After, let it air dry, or pat it dry with clean paper towels, do not use your regular towel on it. The next day, I recommend to use a basic unscented lotion throughout the day to keep it moisturized (once or twice with a thin layer, do not use too much). I suggest lubriderm, cetaphil, or something like eucerin. Things to absolutely never use are bacitracin, neosporin, a&d ointment or anything medicated. you're body will easily handle the healing, it does not need any outside help. In a couple of days your tattoo will start scabbing and then start to peel. Let the peeling happen naturally, don't pick on it or scratch it. It will be itchy, but try to not pick or scratch at it. Don't cover your tattoo again after the first initial bandage and keep it clean. It is extremely hard to get a tattoo infected, but not impossible. after leaving the shop it is completely up to you to protect your new tattoo while its healing. also, keep it away form pets, no tanning or submerging it to water of any kind until it heals in approximately 2 weeks. If I use Saniderm for your tattoo, the film will keep your tattoo free from harm for up to 3-5 days. You will notice some plasma and blood/liquid under the film for a day or two, but your skin will reabsorb this. If the corners of the sandier start to peel off, you can cut them off until the bandage is ready to be fully removed. When its time to take the film off, you can run it under some water to help taking it off easier. Once the entire film is removed, give the tattoo and surrounding area a gentle wash with antibacterial soap and pat dry with a clean paper towel. You may need to use scent free dye free lotion on it for a couple days after the film comes off. In regards to touch ups, things happen, since we are all humans and cannot predict how our bodies will heal. If there is any part of your tattoo that you think needs a little touch up please let me know after the healing is done and I can get you back in for this. Unless you are very negligent during the care of your tattoo, touch ups are very minor and quick, and guaranteed by me within the first 90 days of finishing your tattoo. After that time period (or if more than one hr is needed) a fee will apply. If you have any questions after you get your tattoo, please feel free to contact me.

Retainer Policy

All retainers are nonrefundable. No exceptions. Please remember this when booking your appointment. They are nonrefundable because they essentially cover the time that goes into the consultation process, designs that are done before your appointment, and the time saved specifically for you. You will automatically lose your retainer if you are more than 15 minutes late to your appointment with no communication, if you reschedule within 72 hours of your appointment, reschedule multiple times, or do not show up to your appointment. In some cases, like reschedules due to health issues, last minute emergencies, etc, I will hold your retainer for a future appointment.